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What is psychometric test ?

The word Psychometric is actually a combination of two words: Psyche (mind) and Metric (related to measurement). Thus, a psychometric test refers to a range of psychological assessments which are used to evaluate the human thought and behaviour.

A psychometric test is often used to measure cognitive functions like aptitude, behavioural traits like personality, developmental progress like intelligence or social constructs like interest. It can also be used to profile mental health status, though it is widespread in its application for tapping and shaping personal, academic and professional growth of a person.









Why should one take a Psychometric Test

There are various benefits one can avail via a Psychometric Test

  • Subject Selection: Choose the right topics and courses

  • Career Guidance: Opt and prepare for the dream job

  • Progress Report: Track growth in the chosen field

  • Intervention Planning: SWOT analysis and development

  • Relationship Management: Learn how the people around you work

  • Professional Grooming: Get ready to put the best forward


Who can get benefit From Psychometric Test ?

The earlier one starts, the better it is. One can build their future smartly using a Psychometric Test.

Knowing the traits and trajectory of students and faculty is important to plan the visions and resources

Selecting the right field and getting success in it while balancing the personal life becomes easier.

Recruiting right and managing mindfully is what every office can benefit from, after all it is teamwork.

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