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Major areas where we provide solutions are : 

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Parenting & Student Counseling

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Corporate Training-
Employee's empowerment & sales training program


Career Guidance


Multiple Intelligence & Psychometric Assessments


Memory Power Mastery



Our Vision

We want to see a world where good people are extremely successful and they live their lives keeping life at  the center. They contribute to make this world a better place by their action and their presence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve my Vision by sharing my knowledge through my Tapes, Books, Videos, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Personal Interactions. And, to achieve Massive Success to prove that You can be extremely successful being good.

Client Testimonials

I was confused in my life. things were not going well for me. i was mediocre at my job and always in self doubt then i started looking for professional guidance and i met Mr. Ashish. he is good counsellor and human being. he understood my problems and  gave some tips and suggested to get DMIT test done. i took DMIT test and i got surprised to know many interesting things about myself. through DMIT he explained me about my personality, preferred thinking system, learning style, my strengths, limitations and he gave me some advises and taught me few techniques. i followed them and now i can feel positive changes in myself, my relationship and people connect is getting good now. consistently i am making progress in my life and at work too.

Thanks Inborn magic consulting and Mr. Ashish. he is a great counsellor and i strongly recommend him

                                                                                                                               Vaibhav Thorat

                              Software Engineer


We got the DMIT Assessment done for our 5 years old daughter. she was the mobile addict and not paying attention to studies and we needed professional help for our child. i came in touch with Mr. Ashish. he spent some time with our kid, understood her concerns. he suggested to get DMIT done and through DMIT he explained us about our kid personality and behavior, her learning capability and learning style. he gave us some tips for positive parenting and its been a 2 month now, we can see the improvement in her, she is still spending some time on mobile playing gams, watching youtube but it is in control and she is studying better.

Thanks to Mr. Ashish for helping us.

                           Ms. vijaya Ghorpade


Mr. Ashish is Not just a great listener, he is also fantastic at giving advise you might not have thought of it. we had been working together for few weeks and he helped me to break some long standing bad habits through his mind power training techniques. he is a comforting and knowledgeable counsellor.

i highly recommend him

                                   Vikas Oza


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